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AccuSeal Supply has everything you need for asphalt repair and maintenance.

We have most everything you might need. From seal coat and crack seal material, to shovels and spray tips. We also make an excellent seal coat broom.

AccuSeal Supply has been doing business in Spokane for over 15 years. We are a veteran-owned company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products for asphalt repair and maintenance needs. 


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Both Cascade products we carry (Armor Seal A-100 AND Armor Seal A-100 HD) stand up to the toughest asphalt conditions around. Ask your seal coat supplier if their product will stand up to the extreme conditions in Alaska. Ours does.

ARMORSEAL A-100 — Our most popular Sealer, A-100 combines the latest technology, performance and value of any asphalt sealer on the market today.

ARMORSEAL A-100 HD — A-100 HD is Cascade Asphalt’s premier asphalt sealer. A-100 HD is a high performance mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion sealer blended with polymers and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability


MACSEAL DF (Direct Fire) is a single component joint and crack sealant specifically designed for use with Direct Fired, single walled melters. MACSEAL DF is manufactured using select engineered asphalt cements, polymers, select oil resins and UV inhibitors. MACSEAL DF will not flow from the joint or be picked up by vehicle tires, foot traffic, skateboards or roller blade wheels in high surface temperatures.

Aqua Patch

Unlike other asphalt patching solutions, AQUA PATCH provides a permanent solution, using revolutionary organic renewable additives, so you don’t have to continually repair the same trouble spot, or replace a temporary fix with a permanent solution.

Don’t let weather interfere with your production schedule. You can use AQUA PATCH all year round, in all types of weather, hot or cold, wet or dry. Rain and moisture actually helps accelerate the process.

AQUA PATCH comes ready to use, and application is quick and easy. Simply clear debris from the repair area, apply AQUA PATCH, add water and tamp it down. Fast, easy and permanent!

Seal Coat

Crack fill


Kettle Melters

Wire Street Brooms

Asphalt Brooms

Work Shovels

Asphalt Scoops

Spray Wands (new or rebuild yours)

Spray Tips



Sealcoat Brushes

Wire Wheels

First Aid Kits

Chalk & chalk lines


Caution Tape

Pour Pots


Hose Couplers



Bump Caps

Finishing Brushes

Asphalt Tampers

Marking Paint

Pipe Threading

We also sell IdealShield Bollard Covers!!!


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